WinBUGS Differential Interface (WBDiff)

The WinBUGS Differential Interface (WBDiff) is a new interface that allows the numerical solution of arbitrary systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) within WinBUGS (1.4) models. You can download the interface from here. Please take a minute to read the following notes.

This is the official/final version of WBDiff -- there is no encoded expiry date.

If you already have "BlackBox" installed on your system (because you are upgrading from a previous version of WBDiff, or because you are a WBDev user/programmer, for instance) then the WBDiff installation patch may, if you prefer, be decoded from within BlackBox instead of from within WinBUGS. This will avoid you having to copy the contents of Program Files/WinBUGS14/ to the Program Files/BlackBox/ directory. Note that the documentation will then be in the Program Files/BlackBox/WBDiff/Examples/ directory.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of WBDiff then you may wish to make a copy of your Grammar.odc file, if you have previously modified it, before installing the new version. Your existing copy of Grammar.odc will be overwritten by a fresh copy of the original file when the WBDiff patch is decoded.

If you are upgrading from the "private" beta-release of WBDiff (release date: 26/03/2003) and you have previously written your own modules using that interface, you will not lose any of your modules by installing this new version of WBDiff. They will, however, no longer work! This is due to unavoidable inconsistencies between the two versions and we apologise for any inconvenience. Please be assured, however, that it is a fairly trivial undertaking to copy the relevant bits of code across to our new template modules in order to recreate your specialized components.

        Last Updated   September 2004

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