WinBUGS Development web-site

Welcome to the WinBUGS Development web-site! This is a new site designed to facilitate the distribution of various extensions of the WinBUGS software. The following features are available:

The WinBUGS Differential Interface (WBDiff) allows the user to specify complex functions via arbitrary systems of ordinary differential equations. No bugs have been reported during the beta-testing phase (February -- September, 2004), and so the final version has now been released -- please follow the link to download.

Implement your own (hard-wired) specialized functions and distributions within WinBUGS 1.4 -- a new version (as of September 2004) of the WinBUGS Development Interface (WBDev) is available to download now.

Our new Pharmaco interface, together with WBDiff, constitutes Version 2.0 of the PKBugs software. Please see here for details. Note: a bug has been identified which caused some multiple-dosing intravenous-infusion regimens to be specified incorrectly. The current version of Pharmaco includes a fix for this bug -- please follow the link for details.

Download specialized components written by other WinBUGS users -- see the WBDev shared components page.

I am currently working on a suite of reversible jump MCMC components for WinBUGS. This includes algorithms for automatic curve fitting and covariate selection, for example. A beta-release of the Jump interface can be downloaded from here.

Links to both the BUGS and the PKBugs web-sites are provided for your convenience.

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